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As many of you will know we rely on voluntary donations from Lightning enthusiasts following what we are doing on the site and wanting to support those activities. Follow this link and at the foot of the page, you will  see details of how you can contribute to the Association maintaining XR724 and keeping you informed of news and new Lightning stories as they appear. 

The Lightning Association would like to thank all our supporters who have sent us donations for their very generous contribution to our running costs.  We are always in need of more funds, however, and would be extremely grateful for further help if you feel you can afford to do so.

July 2020

As some of you may already know, regular activities have resumed on our aircraft, XR724. To run along side this we have now also created a Facebook page where you can see more up-to-date news on our progress. Should you wish to follow us on Facebook, then please click HERE

October 2020

Having spent a bit of time checking out the aviation links page, I found a few entries that no longer exist, so have deleted them. Anyone out there with a Lightning related website can get in touch if they would like a link to their site included here.

XR724 maintenance has had to take a backseat due to the coronavirus, but any recent activity will be available to view on our Facebook page, as and when circumstances allow.

It has been a while since any new tales/stories have been published on the site, 3 years to be precise. and I am sure that some of you out there must have a story that  you wish to have published and share with other Lightning enthusiasts. Please get in touch or just send an email

May 2021 

From Russ Peart. [ex 74 Squadron at Tengah...'69-'71]

Just a short note to say I've written a book which features my time on Lightnings, both in Singapore and for a few flights at Boscombe Down in a T5 and a Mk6. The front cover features a 74 Mk6 in flight and there are more pics of aircraft and squadron pilots and ground crew inside. The rest of the book is about my other flying in 3 different air forces and a bit of civvy stuff.
The title is 'From Lightnings to Migs'. and a brief description of the contents, [publisher's PR blurb], is available on their web site
: here

Click the image to download and  read the full size book jacket

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