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As members will know, formal annual membership fees have been abandoned and we now rely on voluntary donations from Lightning enthusiasts following what we are doing on the site and wanting to support those activities. Follow this link and at the foot of the page, you will  see details of how you can contribute to the Association maintaining XR724 and keeping you informed of news and new Lightning stories as they appear. 

The Lightning Association would like to thank all our supporters who have sent us donations for their very generous contribution to our running costs.  We are always in need of more funds, however, and would be extremely grateful for further help if you feel you can afford to do so.

The latest Engineering update on XR724 now available click here

A New Lightning Tales Story has been added 14th Dec 2015 click here

Can anyone shed any light on this drawing especially the Artists name and any links to him?

10/2/2013  Update to ownership change of XS420 a T5 Lightning on display at Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, Farnborough. Richard Hall & Mike Potten took over ownership in 2012. You can get the details from their site here

A New Lightning Tales Story has been added to the site 27/1/2014 click here

1/8/2012  New WIWOL tale from Binbrook Air Traffic Controller David Bishop of a typical Q Scramble perspective. Interesting to see how other trades were involved in getting the show on the road.

We are continually adding new photos to the Picture Gallery. If you have any Lightning photos of your own, why not email them for inclusion in the Gallery. Your name will be credited to any added to the site.

Charles Ross

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