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Thunder and Lightning's by Damien Burke

Lightning Pilots - Providing nostalgia for Lightning veterans as well as a directory for ex-Lightning pilots.

74 Squadron Association

The Vulcan Restoration Trust

Aviation Stock Photo Bank

RAF Binbrook - A place for ex-Binbrook personnel to meet.

Lightning Preservation Group - Based at Bruntingthorpe Airfield

Iconic Aircraft - Iconic Aircraft Aviation Forum, For the Appreciation of the World's Finest Aeroplanes

Bomber County Aviation Resource - The aim of this site is to be the most complete and comprehensive resource to all military aviation in the county of Lincolnshire, both past and present.

Serge Bonfond - A Biography of a Belgian Air Force Technicians 10 year engagement. An extremely well written account of his time from 1979-1989 on The 1st All Weather Fighter Wing (1 Wing) which incidentally was disbanded in 1996. > In addition, a complete history of the 349 & 350 RAF (Belgian) Squadrons, from 1946 to 1996,

AALO Anglo American Lightning Organisation - Returning to flight English Electric Lightning XS422

Lightning Interactive Panoramic The Lightning interactive panorama is one of two panoramas I did for the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum (the other is a Virtual Tour of an English Electric Canberra bomber). The Tangmere Lightning F.53 (ZF578) did 18 years of service with the Royal Saudi Air Force. Is now has the livery of No 23 Squadron RAF as an F.6 (XR753).

English Electric Lightning T.5 XS420 - With the retirement of the Lightning in April 1988 many aircraft found their way into preservation, one of them being T.5 XS420.The purpose of this website is to document the history and subsequent preservation of XS420 and many other aspects of the Lightning in general. This website has been created by English Electric Lightning enthusiasts with the aim of centralising the most useful and definitive web-based information available. By visiting this page you should easily be able to find just about anything you might want to know about the Lightning. It is a labour of love and strictly non - commercial !

English Electric Lightning T5 XS456 - The restoration began in late June 2015 with an initial inspection of the condition of the airframe, both internally and externally. Upon completion of this the decision was made that the project aims were achievable, and work began in mid-July. Initially, protecting her from the elements and moving her in to a more stable position. As time went on the focus moved from protection to restoration and eventually conservation. The end goal of the project is to have her looking as close as possible to her original service condition.


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